This is my endless blog on VMware and AWS

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I have been in the IT industry since 1995.  Way back when, i started my first job as a network admin running Novell 3.12.  Then onto Novell 4.11.   Left that job….started doing web development in Cold Fusion.  Hated the deadlines.  Went back into Systems administration and learned NT and Cisco networking.  That was cool.  Then went on to Windows 2000 and Active Directory..  Then got sucked into NetiQ performance and availability monitoring.  Then finally started working w/ VMware in 2009.  Since then i have been living in the private cloud of VMware and i am just starting to work with VMware Cloud for AWS and AWS itself.    Man, i am sick of typing!!@  this is enough fo now.



just email me at mikethecloudguy2019@gmail.com